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Aswin is an online information platform open to anyone engaged in the drinking water sector in the Asia-Pacific. This is a website we are hoping to develop together with our current and potential partners. The idea is to study important issues and needs of water supply in the Asia-Pacific and to share crucial information on water technologies and service management for mutual learning.

In the Asia-Pacific, we are facing growing pressures from climate change, urbanization, population growth, pollution, and aging infrastructure. While continuous advances in technology present potential efficiency gains, it is not easy to identify appropriate technologies and implement them in an economically feasible way. A key question is how to address these challenges while maintaining both system reliability and financial stability.

On the other hand, there still remain many communities in the region without basic infrastructure and/or regulations. Where infrastructure and regulations are in place, water utilities might be struggling to improve their system and related service to meet various strategic goals. In addition to common technical and management issues, the diversity of social, cultural and climatic conditions must also be considered.

In other words, there are many subject matters to be covered in the Asia-Pacific and related information worth sharing. This website has been set up in the wish of promoting more active interactions and communications among water professionals in the region, in order to help long-term sustainability of drinking water services. As the administrator of Aswin, we are very grateful to our partners for their expertise and generous contributions, which make this website possible.