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President’s Message

President of Aswin / Japan Water Research Center  President  Shinichiro Ohgaki  Because of rapid urbanization and rising populations in many parts of the world, management of water resources has become increasingly important for policymakers and operators. For long, the United Nations as well as many others has been trying to make safe drinking water available to people without such access, but there still remains many challenges ahead to achieve that. Aware of the situation, growing number of water companies and utilities in Japan are exploring ways to reduce global water problems, more actively engaged in business and partnership abroad.


  The Japan Water Research Center and the Japan Water Forum have jointly established the Asia-Pacific Drinking Water Technology Information Network, Aswin. Our basic philosophy is to help countries in Asia-Pacific region improve access to safe drinking water for their citizens, by making available--to international and domestic water professionals alike--the information on experiences, practices, technologies and knowledge of Japanese water utilities, companies, and research and academic institutes as well as information on issues, challenges and needs of different countries in the region. Hosting various conferences and study programs, we will also help develop networks among those concerned.


President of Aswin / Japan Water Research Center  President Shinichiro Ohgaki