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About Symposium

International Symposium on Water Supply Technology has been held once every three years since 1988. The first symposium was held in Kobe to commemorate the inauguration of the Japan Pipe Systems Research Center, the former JWRC. In 2009, the 8th International Symposium on Water Supply was held in Kobe.


For over 20 years since the first symposium, the symposium has continued to provide 500 to 1,000 waterworks experts including those from overseas with a place to gather and to share timely water supply issues in the world and trends in the latest water supply technologies. For each symposium leading experts and researchers in various fields from all over the world were invited to give special lectures, discussions in subcommittees based on research papers submitted from the public, poster sessions, and general panel discussions with all participants were held. Through such activities the International Symposium on Water Supply Technology has continued to present significant achievements to the world.


In addition, exhibitions have been held along with the symposiums in order to provide water suppliers, businesses, corporations and organizations with opportunities to present the latest Japan’s water supply technologies to the world and with opportunities to create business networks.


JWRC hopes that this time-proven symposium will continue to be a place for global information exchange in the field of waterworks and to contribute to further development of waterworks in Japan and the world.