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Established: February 18, 2008
Japan Water Research Center


The objectives of JWRC are to further enhance the public hygiene and living environment by conducting projects such as information collection, research and development activities, public promotion and others associated with the waterworks technology.
We believe properly dealing with Personal Information is an important social responsibility, and pledge to protect it based on the following policies:

  1. Compliance with Regulations
  2. JWRC strictly complies with the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations..

  3. Collection and Intended Use of Personal Data
  4. JWRC collects personal information only in an appropriate and fair manner. JWRC never use the information beyond the purpose which JWRC has obtained consent from the identified person.

  5. Management of Personal Information
  6. While maintaining the accuracy and up-to-date of personal data, JWRC strives to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the leakage, loss, or damage of personal data.

  7. Establishment of Management Framework keeping all officers and employees familiar with the framework
  8. JWRC has established a management framework for personal data protection and ensures that all officers and employees recognize the importance of the Program and comply with it.

  9. Reference, change, and elimination of use of personal information
  10. If customers have a request or complaint concerning the reference, change, and elimination of personal information held by the Company, it shall, after identification, soon cope with it to a reasonable extent.

  11. Providing and disclosing to Third Party
JWRC will not release and provide personal information to a third party without first obtaining the prior consent from the person, except the circumstances under certain conditions.


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