Major Achievements

JWRC as Facilitator of Membrane Filtration Treatment

JWRC contributes to the adoption of membrane filtration technology across Japan
1991In a collaborative research program, JWRC evaluated the feasibility of applying membrane filtration to water treatment, making a positive conclusion
1991Membrane filtration facility installed for the first time in Japan
1994JWRC issued Guidance Manual of Membrane Filtration at Small Water Supplies
2001JWRC issued Handbook of Membrane Filtration for Advanced Application
2005JWRC developed Guidance Manual of O&M for Membrane Filtration Facility
2005JWRC developed Guidance Manual of Large-scale Membrane Filtration Facility
2015Japan's largest membrane filtration facility starts operation at Kawai WTP in Yokohama
membrane filtration
Membrane filtration facilities increased in Japan

JWRC as Host of Major International Conference

Every three years since 1987, JWRC has hosted the International Symposium on Water Supply Technology to promote international exchange on water technology and service management.
In addition to technical presentations, panel discussion and the exhibition, the event invites forefront water professionals from inside and outside of Japan to speak about important issues and timely topics of their own fields.
In July 2019, the 11th Symposium took place for three days in Yokohama city, attracting 648 delegates from a total of 33 countries. The exhibition numbered more than 3,500 visitors.
The 12th Symposium is being scheduled in Kobe for 2022.

11th symposium
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JWRC as Coordinator of Cross-Sector Collaboration

For research areas on water treatment and pipeline engineering, JWRC conducts collaborative research programs in cooperation with municipal water utilities, private companies, and academic and research institutes. The programs are financially supported by participating private companies and JWRC.
With global water industry sharing many challenges in common, JWRC's research results can be applied not only to Japan but also to other parts of the world. Final reports of the programs, which are available in Japanese, can be purchased from the JWRC website.
Future studies of JWRC will further reflect our interest in mitigating major concerns shared by Japanese water utilities, including source water quality degradation, aging infrastructure and shortage of technical utility personnel.

Example of Research Outcomes (available only in Japanese)

  • Research Report of Seismic Damage Estimation for Water Mains (March 2013)
  • Handbook of Simple Seismic Resilience Evaluation for Water Treatment Facilities (June 2014)
  • Handbook of Controlling High Turbidity Levels (June 2014)
  • Handbook on Emergency Water Supply Examples (January 2016)

Field visit as part of collaboration program
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